First Visit

Your first or initial visit at Comprehensive Dental Care, P.C. is instrumental in the pursuit of dental health. It is at this visit that Drs. Bryant and Elliott are able to detect areas of dental concern, such as periodontal disease, decay, cosmetic and/or functional abnormalities.

Through the use of digital x—rays, intraoral photos, a panoramic radiograph, and comprehensive exam, your dental health is evaluated and a treatment plan determined. Prevention and education are important in our practice and we take seriously your need to understand how to take charge of and protect your own oral health. Our staff is always available to answer questions about your dental needs and the services we can provide for your ideal treatment.

Please assist us by filling out the New Patient Registrations Forms available on this website. These forms may be submitted electronically to our office via the Internet. To the best of your ability include medical and dental history, pertinent insurance information, and any dental problems that you are experiencing. It is important to list any current medications that you are taking (i.e., heart medications, aspirin, anticoagulant therapy), allergies, and medical conditions that might affect your dental visit (i.e., diabetes, high blood pressure, artificial heart valves and joints, rheumatic fever, etc.)

IMPORTANT: A parent or guardian must accompany all patients under the age of 18 at all visits.